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This data hub is part of the reform in the national system for climate reporting. It contains data/information on climate actions from sectors, cities and project owners. It  serves as a one-stop-shop platform where users can access reliable information on climate actions and their effects as well as on support and policies behind them  as far as possible. The data/information are packaged into three main portals listed below;

  • Greenhouse  gas emissions database (GHG-D) containing information on activity data, emission factors and emission estimate for 5 sectors.
  • Domestic electronic registry system (DERS). The DERS contains specification details on climate actions and implementation effectiveness.
  • Dashboard of climate change policies and measures (D-PaMs).


The data and information contained in hub are already processed and updated to 2012 and will be regularly updated as new datasets come through the data exchange pipeline.

This contains archived dataset used for the calculation of the national GHG emission estimate for 1990-2012. It is meant to improve archiving of GHG data  and also ensure that the general public have access to them.

The DERS is a centralized data point for climate actions in ministries, cities and project levels with funding from multiple sources. It also contains information the climate actions and their effect, implementation status, key achievements and impacts.

The D-PaMs is the dashboard of climate policies and measures in the key productive economic sectors in Ghana. The dashboard helps to track the progress of implementation of  actions under the PaMs.



Total Area

238,533 sq km


25,241,998 (2011)

GDP per capita

$1,461 (2014)

Population below National poverty line

28.5% (2006)

CO2 emission estimates per capita

0.71 Tons (2012)

Cost of Environmental Degradation

8.95% of GDP (2012)

Total National Emissions Stock

33.7MtCO2e (2012)

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