GHG database

Overview of GHG portal

The emissions portal host the GHG database. which contains archived activity data and emission factors used for the calculation of the national GHG emission estimate for the 1990-2012. The hub serves as a channel data sharing among the data providers and also ensure public access. There two main data models design which divide the GHG portal. One part of the database contains all the data files containing activity data and emission factors for a specific inventory year.  The other part of the database contains disaggregated primary input activity data.  The access to different parts of the database is password restricted. The public access to the open-source end of the database which contains already publicly-available national datasets.  Access to the primary data section is restricted. There are two restricted levels of access. Access to upload primary data and data files as well as higher access level for the administrator who filters and publishes the information online. The primary use of the GHG portal is to serve as inventory data documentation and archiving platform (DAA).

What is the DAA About?

Documentation and Archiving (DAA) of the national greenhouse gas inventory process are paramount for any future work. A functional Efficient DAA guarantees greater transparency and repeatability. That is why Ghana has adopted an online DAA system support the proper record keeping and storage of inventory data at all times. The architecture of the DAA is based on a simple relational database which has been upgraded and integrated into existing database. The DAA contains data are structured into (a) data (b) estimates, (c) documentation and (d) archive. Each data group is further sub-divided into categories of the five inventory sectors such as energy, industrial processes, agriculture, land use and forestry and waste.

How to Use the DAA System?

The DAA is targeted at two groups of users (a) public user and (b) registered users. The public users have access to the DAA through open search and retrieval window but cannot upload without webmaster approval. Registered users are mainly sector specific users who require username and password to be able to access the system. They have access to search, retrieve and upload files. For the public users can access the database using the search tab. When a public user wants to use the portal, opens the webpage, then enter the search criteria and filter by sector (category), year and file name. Where necessary, public users can view and download for retrieved files. In addition to uploading data files registered users can also enter raw data which can be used for further analysis. The registered users will have additional utilities to upload files to the database using standard file naming format and enter raw data. They need a login credentials which will be provided by the webmaster at EPA on request. After logging in they can have access to search, retrieve and upload files though the Upload tab and enter raw data through the Data tab. When you open the webpage you have the option to choose the sector you want to upload files and enter data for. Follow the sequence of choice to be able to upload and enter data under a specific selected sub-sector.


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