Total Area

238,533 sq km


25,241,998 (2011)

GDP per capita

$1,461 (2014)

Population below National poverty line

28.5% (2006)

CO2 emission estimates per capita

0.71 Tons (2012)

Cost of Environmental Degradation

8.95% of GDP (2012)

Total National Emissions Stock

33.7MtCO2e (2012)


See a summary of the most recent news & events below.

Ghana submits its 10 year climate action to the United Nations in September, 2015.

In response to the international call for global community to take action on climate change, Ghana engaged national stakeholder to formulate its intended nationally determined contributions (INDC). The INDC is a climate action which contain 31 action programs that will be implemented for 10 years from 2020 to 2030 in line with the country's development priotities at a cost of $22.6billion.

Out of the 22.6billion, $6.3 billion is expected to be mobilize from domestic sources. Ghana will seek the remaining $16.3 billion from international sources. In the INDC cover seven priority areas; sustainable land use including food security; Climate proof infrastructure equitable social development; sustainable mass transportation; sustainable energy security;sustainable forest management; and alternative urban waste management


Team Ghana at COP 21 in Paris, France.

Ghana's delegation was led by the President of Ghana. The  Minister for Environment Members of Parliament, Executive Director of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and  Board Chairman of the EPA. Representatives from the media, MDAs, CSO, acedemia were presented. The ex-president kufour also attended in his capacity as the UN General Secretary's special envoy on climate change. In all over 100 Ghana were at the Paris Conference. At the conference Ghana participated in the climate negotations; organised a side event to showcase Ghana and set up an exbhition booth.

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China to build $1bn solar power plant in Ghana. Key component of 2015 FDI in the Energy sector.

China is to help build a 400-megawatt solar power plant in Ghana aimed at easing the energy crisis. According to the Charge d Affaires at the Chinese Embassy in Accra, Zhou Youbin, the Chinese Hanergy Group will be at the forefront of the $1-billion project.


Ghana Launches $230 million Scaling up renewable energy program (SREP) investment plan with multiple international public and private capital IFC,AfDB and Climate investment fund.

  • Climate invesment fund is providing $40million.
  • Project 1 (Renewable energy mini-grids and stand-alone solar PV systems) and  Project 2 (Solar PV based net metering with battery storage),
  • while USD 10 million is being requested by IFC to implement Project 3 (Utility scale) solar PV/wind power generation).
  • Project 4 (Technical assistance to scale-up RE) will be implemented by the AfDB through its Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) Trust Fund.


Ministry of Food and Agriculture lunches climate smart argriculrue (CSA) - MoFA launches programme to tackle climate change.

A five-year Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Action Plan has been launched by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) to serve as a vehicle for the implementation of the Agriculture and Food Systems Strategies of the National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) from 2016 to 2020.

The government launched the NCCP in July 2014 to serve as a framework to effectively address Climate Change in the country�s development agenda, while the CSA Action Plan was also formulated with the assistance of Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Africa,through the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT).


Ghana organises post-COP debriefing meeting

Between 15th and 16th Febuary, MESTI and EPA with support from GIZ and UNDP organised a post-cop debriefing meeting.The meeting disuccsed the major outcomes of the Paris meeting and fashion out next steps in the following areas: signing and ratification of the Paris Agrement; development of implementation plan for Ghana's NDC accompanied with an investment plan. The meeting was attended by nearly 40 people from MDA, CSOs and the academia. During the meeting a draft workplan agenda for the next step as well as 3 national working teams have been formed. The teams are as follows:


  • Signing and ratification team; (b) NDC and strategy team and (c) outreach and engagement team.


Report of first international technical review of Ghana's climate change report to the United Nation completed

Summary report on the technical analysis of the first biennial update report of Ghana submitted on 21 July 2015. In accordance with decision 2/CP.17, paragraph 41(a), Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention (non-Annex I Parties), consistent with their capabilities and the level of support provided for reporting, should submit their first biennial update report (BUR) by December 2014.


The least developed country Parties and small island developing States may submit BURs at their discretion.  Further, in accordance with paragraph 58(a) of th same decision, the first round of international consultation and analysis (ICA) will be conducted for non-Annex I Parties commencing within six months of the submission of their first BURs.  The process of ICA includes two steps: the technical analysis of the submitted BURs, followed by a workshop on the facilitative sharing of views under the Subsidiary Body for Implementation.


This summary report presents the results of the technical analysis of the first BUR of Ghana undertaken by a team of technical experts in accordance with the modalities and procedures contained in the annex to decision 20/CP.19.

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