Result-based emission reduction programme in the cocoa landscape

No Particulars Details
1. Name of Policy action Promote Sustainable utilization of forest resources through REDD+
2. Name Programme of action Result Based Emission Reduction Programme in Cocoa Landscape
2.1 Headline target of Programme of action 45% emission reduction potential
2.2 Expected co-benefits

In reducing deforestation and degradation, the program will help to maintain and conserve the biodiversity that is found within the cocoa-forest landscape.

Increase 20,000 cocoa farmer incomes by doubling the average yield per

2.3 Description of Programme of action
2.4 Name of Implementation Entity Forestry Commission of Ghana

National REDD+ Secretariat

Mr. Yaw Kwakye (Contact Point)

2.5 Supporting National Policies & Measures National Forest and Wildlife Policy
National REDD+ strategy
2.6 Investments Needed ($)  $2,067,000
2.7 What is being done now  Conditional
3 Progress of implementation  Conditional
3.1 Steps taken so far
3.2 Step envisaged to be taken
3.3 Investment made so far
4 Results, Outcomes and Impacts


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