Attain utility scale wind power capacity up to 50-150MW

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1. Name of Policy action  Scale up renewable energy penetration by 10% by 2030
2. Name Programme of action
2.1 Headline target of Programme of action  Attain utility scale wind power capacity up to 50-150MW
2.2 Expected co-benefits Job creation opportunities through installation and maintenance of about 5 million man hours.
Reduced consumption of fossil fuel consumption for power generation.
Increased electricity access to rural communities and contributed to realize energy security.
The electricity demand saving of about 200MW
2.3 Description of Programme of action
2.4 Name of Implementation Entity
2.5 Supporting National Policies & Measures National Energy Policy
National renewable energy Act (Act 832).
Set up feed-in-tariff for renewable energy technologies.
Established of national renewable energy fund
Design renewable energy purchase
Net metering scheme for households
2.6 Investments Needed ($)  $2,214,000,000
2.7 What is being done now
3 Progress of implementation
3.1 Steps taken so far
3.2 Step envisaged to be taken
3.3 Investment made so far
4 Results, Outcomes and Impacts
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